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mc authority
All companies need MC Authority or ICC, if they operate as for hire, transport passengers in interstate commerce, or transport Federal regulated commodities. there are different types of authorities like Broker, for hire trucking, its depends on companies what kind of business they wanted to run.

Our expertise team can help you choose right authority for your business, and help you getting all the requirements to activate your authority.

Send us your Telephone Number and we will contact you and explain all our services. We will be glad to answer all your questions regarding MC / MX / FF Authority.

How Sky Transport Solutions provides service for your trucking company.

Our full truck and trailer management service covers these important functions: 1. Licensing, 2. Permitting, and 3. Fuel Tax (IFTA) Reporting to ensure your tractor trailers stay legally on the road and avoid costly fines.

Licensing & Permitting

Sky Transport Solutions will obtain your licenses and permits based on our extensive background in trucking compliance. We will provide support inn a way that benefits your trucking company financially.

Sky Transport Solutions will:

  • Obtain initial permits for mileage, authority, International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and International Registration Plan (IRP)
  • We have staff that monitors and completes your renewals for: IRP, IFTA, Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT), Mileage Permits (OR, NM, NY, GA, CA, MO, WA, IN, OK, AZ and/or KY), Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) and applicable Authority Permits.
  • Complete IRP, IFTA, Mileage Tax, UCR and Authority Permit applications for additional vehicles added to your fleet.
  • Communicate with states on your behalf whenever there are permit changes, such as address changes, return of permits, or cancellations.
  • Review your IRP mileage information to ensure your vehicles are meeting the IRP requirements.
  • Provide recommendations for permitting needs for the following year.
  • Provide cost reports of total fuel, mileage, and authority permits.
  • Provide advisement on which base state you should use.
  • Recommend best-practices to help you optimize your fleet efficiencies and tax liabilities.

IFTA and Mileage Tax Reporting

To help you comply with your IFTA and Mileage Tax Reporting obligations, Sky Transport Solutions will:

  • Collect and enter your driver trip reports, fuel receipts, and toll information into a specialized database. (We accept paper trip documents or electronic data transfer.)
  • Conduct a proprietary audit covering 70+ edit checks, analyze data and correct errors to meet IFTA and IRP state compliance requirements.
  • Identify and correct discrepancies when appropriate.
  • Manage your monthly and quarterly mileage and fuel data.
  • Complete and submit tax returns and disperse payments.
  • Apply for ongoing fuel tax credits and refunds (as appropriate).
  • Maintain trip reports, fuel receipts, and other documentation necessary to meet recordkeeping requirements. We retain this information at Sky Transportation Solutions in Tracy, California and purge according to regulatory timelines.
  • Generate Fuel and Mileage Reports, including:
    • Monthly/Quarterly Fuel and Mileage Report (including all states)
    • Monthly/Quarterly Unit Analysis Report
    • Units with no activity
MC Authority CDL

Let the professional and experienced staff at STS apply for MC authority for your trucking company.
The authority MC number is the same as the ICC MC. Truckers often refer to the same credential with different names.

Only Sky Transport Solutions is your authority plus permits MC authority service expert.

The best way to process your certificate MC authority request is to have one of the experts at STS do it for you.

To check mc authority or check mc authority numbers or check mc authority status we can help you fast.

Do I need MC authority?

Generally you will need an ICC MC authority, you will not need it if you are one of the following:

  • Private carriers (carriers that transport their own cargo)
  • “For-hire” carriers that exclusively haul exempt commodities (cargo that is not federally regulated)
  • Carriers that operate exclusively within a federally designated “commercial zone” that is exempt from interstate authority rules. A commercial zone is, for example, a geographic territory that includes multiple states bordering on a major metropolitan city, such as Virginia/Maryland/Washington, DC

Do I need MC authority to run intrastate?

Do tow trucks need MC authority number?
If you tow vehicles in one state only you will not need it.
The FMCSA law is as follows:

Transportation of the following commodities requires a DOT number if intrastate and will require an MC number if crossing state lines:

  • Household/Office Moves
  • Cars and Light Trucks
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Freight
STS is the truckers expert for DOT and MC authority CA.

Find broker MC authority license?
A freight broker such as CH Robinson MC # 384859 can be checked from the link before.

Get your MC authority fast and at the lowest service fee in the market.

How much does MC authority cost?

ICC MC authority motor carrier, ICC MC authority permit and ICC MC authority are the same as MC authority.

Look up MC authority number?

MC authority common vs contract?
Common Authority
Common carriers provide for-hire truck transportation to the general public. They must file liability (BI&PD) insurance but are not required to file cargo insurance.

Contract Authority
Contract carriers provide for-hire truck transportation to specific, individual shippers based on contracts. Contract carriers must file liability (BI&PD) insurance but are not required to file cargo insurance.

Both common and contract motor carriers of household goods are required to file cargo and liability insurance.

Insurance Amount Needed

  • $750,000 – Operating a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of over 10,000 pounds to transport non-hazardous commodities.
  • $1,000,000 – Hazardous materials (49 CFR 387.9 – FMCSA’s insurance regulations
  • $5,000,000 – Transportation of hazardous materials (49 CFR 387.9 – FMCSA’s insurance regulations)
  • $5,000,000 – Operating a vehicle having gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or less transporting any quantity of Division 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3 material, any quantity of Division 2.3, Hazard Zone A, or division 6.1, Packing Group I, Hazard Zone A material; or highway route controlled quantities of a Class 7 material (49 CFR 173.403)
  • $300,000 – Operating a vehicle having GVWR 10,000 pounds or less with commodities other than those listed above

*Insurance requirements today, in most cases require a minimum of $1,000,000 liability (BI&PD) and $100,000 cargo insurance.

MC authority designation definitions:

  • Motor Carrier of Property (except Household Goods)
  • Motor Carrier of Household Goods (Moving Companies)
  • Broker of Property (except Household Goods)
  • Broker of Household Goods
  • United States-based Enterprise Carrier of International Cargo (except Household Goods)
  • United States-based Enterprise Carrier of International Household Goods
  • Freight Forwarder Authority
  • Motor Passenger Carrier Authority
  • Non-North America-Domiciled Motor Carriers
  • Mexico-based Carriers for Motor Carrier Authority to Operate Beyond U.S. Municipalities and Commercial Zones on the U.S.-Mexico Border
  • Mexican Certificate of Registration for Foreign Motor Carriers and Foreign Motor Private Carriers Under 49 U.S.C. 13902

MC ICC authority California cost?

What type of MC authority do I need?

Sky Transport Solutions will take care of all of the following:

  • MC authority
  • MC authority application
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  • reinstate MC authority
  • us dot MC authority
  • verify MC authority #

Getting your paperwork to be legal on the road is the first step to creating a successful trucking company.
In all cases you will have to market your trucking company. The first step is to find the best trucking website design. Then you can market directly to shipping departments and managers. You can not get loads from load boards all the time if you want your trucking company to grow.